Operations & Field

Operations & Field Services

SDMS helps our clients run their communities efficiently and economically through its Operations and Field Services personnel. SDMS' Operation and Field Services Division performs work, or manages the work of District retained contractors and ensures that all work is completed on schedule and in accordance with covenants, conditions, specification and regulations as determined by the Board.

Our services specifically includes:

  • Project Management and Contractor oversight
  • Customer Relations
  • Meter Reading (in coordination with Billing Services)
  • Field Locates of underground utilities
  • On-Site review of improvements for compliance
  • Operation and maintenance budgeting
  • Covenant and Design and/or Architectural inspections and enforcement (in coordination with Covenant Control Services)
  • Monitor for Violations of Covenants and ensure Design standard are maintained (in coordination with Covenant Control Services)
  • Resolve property owner concerns
  • Enforce Rules and Regulations
  • Perform Regular inspections and report to the Board
  • Coordinate with Covenant Control Services on Design Reviews
  • Landscaping
  • Communication with customers and vendors

Additional Field Services:

    • Draft RFPs for landscape, snow removal and other field related services.
    • Review RFP responses and prepare bid summaries and recommendations to Manager and Board of Directors
    • Attend and present Field Services information to Board of Directors at meetings
    • Perform property inspections
    • Oversee and interact with contractors; facilitate onsite meetings with contractors
    • Analyze water and electric bills for major changes in consumption
    • Coordinate property needs with staff and/or consultants
    • Perform meter reading services — rereads, check for leaks, final reads
    • Install and/or inspect meters
    • Prepare and maintain meter inventory
    • Perform back-flow certification inspections
    • Perform locate services —process tickets and physically locate lines
    • Maintain relationships with the Districts and UNCC

  • Maintain ponds
  • Post Notices
  • Prepare Service Agreements and Change Orders
  • Prepare periodic Project Manager Reports
  • Coordinate with Builders regarding certain fees, Rules and Regulations, etc
  • Collect and track certain fees—e.g.. meter and inspection fees
  • Receive and resolve customer concerns
  • Receive and process requests for the rental use of District facilities—e.g. community center rental (in coordination with Covenant Control Services as applicable)
  • Maintain maps
  • Report to Tri –County Health on regulatory requirements
  • Pump station operations
  • Courier services