Community & Customer Relations
At SDMS our goal is not only to ensure District Covenants are enforced, but also to assist in the building of District communities through the highest standards of customer relations and services. Our District Community Manager and Covenant Control team can provide all District services commonly associated with an HOA, including;

  • Enforce Covenants, Rules and Regulations and/or Design Guidelines
  • Develop, coordinate, and process Design and/or Architectural Review Requests
  • Facilitate Design and/or Architectural Review Committee Meetings
  • Resolve customer and property owner concerns
  • Create and distribute Board Reports as needed, and attend and present information at Board Meetings
  • Communicate with community members, customers, vendors, and contractors
  • Develop and distribute Welcome Packets and Community Newsletters
  • Generate and ensure delivery of homeowner Notices
  • Manage Service Agreements and contractors, and monitor contractor performance
  • Receive and process requests for the rental and/or reservation of District community facilities
  • Assist the Board in the development of community special events
  • Develop and monitor the District community website, and provide online billing options
  • Work with Accounting and Billing/Accounts Payable departments to ensure budgets, billing, invoicing, and financial reporting services are maintained
  • Follow-up on account delinquencies as needed, and act as liaison to legal counsel

Case Study

Piney Creek Village
Metropolitan District

Significant Savings Realized

SDMS staff diligently worked on a refinancing (in 2015) of the District’s 2005 bonds which required a change in jurisdiction venue along with an amendment to the District’s Service Plan.  These efforts resulted in $139,832 annual net present value savings to the residents and taxpayers of the District.  The approval of the amendment to the Service Plan was an essential component for the District to obtain a fixed rate loan of 2.68 % – significantly lower than the 5.5% interest rate of its 2005 Bonds.

Inspections & Field Services
Our Covenant Control team works closely with our Field Services department to ensure proper inspections of District property, facilities, and common areas and elements, which preserves and enhances the maintenance and aesthetics of the community.

These services include:

  • Conduct Covenant, Design and/or Architectural inspections on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly bases as required
  • Perform on-site review of Improvements for compliance
  • Generate and maintain resident tracking sheets and inspection reports
  • Follow-up on inspection Violations by noting, generating, and delivering Courtesy and/or Violation Notices
  • Take and record photographic documentation as needed
  • Conduct Board walk-throughs as requested
  • Make recommendations and assist in the facilitation of Reserve Studies and planning

District Builder & Developer Services
The SDMS team can also assist new Covenant Control Districts in developing the foundational elements of their new community by assisting in the review and implementation of their governing documents and start-up budgets.

This includes:

  • Review and assist in the development of District Covenants, Rules and Regulations and/or Design Guidelines
  • Create start-up Operations and Maintenance budgets, and make recommendations for potential District fees
  • Work with District legal counsel in order to ensure all governing documents and associated fees abide by applicable laws and statues