District Management

District Management

SDMS is staffed by experienced professional District Managers who take care of day-to-day administrative details on behalf of our clients. In addition to this “custodial role”, based upon client needs, and when directed by the client, SDMS recommends and will implement initiatives to address specific needs. Examples of such initiatives include community communications (e.g. newsletters, websites, public meetings), meeting procedures to maximize efficient use of Board member time and involvement of community representatives, and financial management.

SDMS strives to exceed the expectations of our clients by ensuring that every aspect of the District is managed in the most professional manner. Our commitment to provide exceptional customer service, maintain accurate and detailed records, and provide cost effective management is unmatched in our industry.

Our clients tell us the most important reasons they selected SDMS are:
• Timely communications
• Planning and organizational skills
• Excellent leadership
• Special district management experience
• Cost-effective solutions tailored to defined needs
• Continuity of management
• Depth of staff
• Personal style

Our District Management Services include:

  • Complete all required statutory filings pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes
  • Prepare and distribute Agendas, Board Packets, & Electronic Packets
  • Coordinate and attend Board Meetings
  • Attend Executive Sessions and Special Meetings as requested
  • Attend Public Forums as requested
  • Prepare and maintain Action Items Matrix for use by Board Members, staff and consultants
  • Manage and coordinate services of consultants and staff
  • Research, recommend and then implement policies
  • Coordinate preparation, approval and filing of annual budgets
  • Manage construction and maintenance contractors and related costs
  • Assist and advise in District formation and Service Plan processes
  • Complete inspections of property and work of maintenance or construction contractors
  • Act as Liaison to other entities
  • Prepare Requests for Proposals
  • Solicit, evaluate and present bids for services
  • Develop and/or Maintain District Website
  • Provide 24-Hour Emergency Response