Our Team

SDMS Management

Deborah McCoy

Ms. McCoy organized SDMS in 1987 to support Colorado’s Title 32 Special Districts.

Her depth of knowledge makes her a recognized authority on Title 32 and the unique roles and opportunities for Colorado Special Districts. Under her leadership, SDMS continues to serve a broad range of districts, including water and sewer districts, fire protection districts and multi-purpose metropolitan districts in various stages of development, as well as more specialized entities such as urban renewal authorities and tax increment financing districts. SDMS has continued to enhance its service offerings and further developed its field services as well as its property and homeowner association management divisions under her guidance.

Over the past thirty years her experience with special districts included the monitoring of legislative activities relating to special districts as well as conducting educational seminars about their unique features and challenges. She is a recognized expert on the details of Colorado election law and its administration and over the years she served in various roles as a panelist and/or committee member for the Colorado Special District Association, the Colorado Division of Local Government and the Colorado Secretary of State.

Christel Gemski, Executive Vice President

Christel brings depth and experience from 30 years as a professional in the legal field. As a Paralegal Christel’s career afforded her the opportunity to gain significant experience in many aspects of the law along with skills in management, digital processing, design and development, software implementation and training as well as hardware management and administration.

Christel is one to seek diversity in her work load knowing each day brings a chance to learn and experience something new and challenging. Her past opportunities provided extensive knowledge in the realm of complex litigation and developed the strong skill set she uses today in keeping pace with advancing technology. Her commitment and initiative is paramount in creating and implementing new systems with a client first approach. Christel has been recognized for both her work ethic and talents. Since joining the SDMS team she has shared and implemented many of her innovative concepts and ideas.